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Winchester Target & Practice Service Grade 9mm 115 Grain FMJ ammunition is engineered to meet the rigorous standards of shooters who demand consistency and reliability in their practice rounds. This ammo is a dependable choice for anyone engaged in frequent target shooting or tactical training. Each round is constructed with a brass case and features a 115-grain full metal jacket bullet, designed to provide excellent performance without excessive wear on your firearm.

  • Winchester Target & Practice Service Grade 9mm 115 Grain FMJ
  • 50 Rounds Per Box
  • 300 Rounds Per Range Bundle
  • 1000 Rounds Per Case
  • Newly-made, Reloadable Brass

Perfectly suited for a wide range of firearms, these rounds offer a superb balance of recoil and accuracy, making them an excellent option for both new and experienced shooters. The brass casing not only enhances the reliability of feeding and ejection but also makes the ammunition suitable for reloading, adding further value for shooting enthusiasts. Whether you're honing your skills at the range or preparing for a competition, Winchester's dedication to quality ensures that each batch of Service Grade 9mm ammo meets strict quality control standards, delivering consistent velocity and precision. With 50 rounds per box, 300 rounds per range bundle, and 1000 rounds per case, this ammunition provides ample quantity for substantial practice and performance, keeping you well-prepared and in top shooting form. Order yours online today!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Winchester
Manufacturer SKU SG9W50
UPC 020892233270
Condition New
Caliber 9mm
Projectile FMJ
Grain 115 Grain
Rounds Per Box 50
Boxes Per Case 20
Suggested Use Practice

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