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Discover the Remington Premier Long Range 30-06 Springfield 172 Grain Speer Impact Boat-Tail, an innovative addition to Remington's trusted line of high-performance ammunition. This 30-06 Springfield round merges surgical precision with profound terminal performance, providing an unparalleled solution for long-distance hunting. At the core of the Remington Premier Long Range series is the revolutionary Speer Impact Boat Tail projectile. This 172-grain bullet is characterized by its chemically fused jacket and core, known as the Impact Bonded Body. This fusion is designed to prevent separation, ensuring maximum retained energy and weight upon impact with the target.

  • Remington Premier Long Range 30-06 Springfield 172 Grain Speer Impact Boat-Tail
  • 20 rounds per box
  • Newly-made, reloadable brass casings

The aerodynamic design of the Speer Impact Boat Tail bullet optimizes long-range accuracy. Its boat tail shape and rear-adjusted center of gravity enhance the bullet's flight stability and accuracy over longer distances. The Slipstream Tip, a defining feature of the Speer Impact bullet, provides a high ballistic coefficient for a flat trajectory and unmatched accuracy. This precision tip also initiates expansion across a wide range of velocities, making it versatile and effective in various hunting situations. Remington's Premier Components, the finest quality Remington primers, and propellants, are meticulously selected for this ammunition series. This combination ensures optimal performance across an extensive range of environmental conditions, making the Premier Long Range 30-06 Springfield a reliable choice for any hunting expedition. To deliver the most powerful hunting ammunition available, Remington partnered with the bullet engineers at Speer. Together, they created the Premier Long Range series, which provides extraordinary precision and exceptional performance at great distances. Trust Remington and the Speer Impact Boat Tail for your hunting needs – because nothing less than premier will do. Order your 30-06 hunting ammo online here today!

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Remington
Manufacturer SKU R21344, 21344, RLR3006
UPC 047700488301
Condition New
Caliber 30-06 Spring
Projectile SP
Grain 172 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 2825 fps
Muzzle Energy 3048 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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