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Federal's Terminal Ascent line of cartridges is meant to help hunters push the limits, as these bullets perform regardless of range. The bonded bullet will penetrate through on closer targets, while the polymer tip helps initiate bloom for faster knockdown power and larger wound channels. The extremely high ballistic coefficient comes from the sleek bullet profile that slips through the air, making this an ideal long-range marksman cartridge. 

  • Federal Premium 270 Winchester 136 Grain Terminal Ascent
  • Match-grade accuracy
  • High B.C. and weight retention

This 270 Win hunting cartridge features a polymer tip for increased performance in the air and on target, in addition to a copper shank and bonded lead core which help the bullet perform as needed after impact. With extremely flat trajectories and fast velocities, Terminal Ascent ammo is meant for sharpshooting hunters who are ready to reach out a little further. Make sure you have these cartridges loaded in your rifle on your next hunt! Order online now!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Federal
Manufacturer SKU P270TA1
UPC 604544659368
Condition New
Brand Terminal Ascent
Caliber 270 Win
Projectile Terminal Ascent
Grain 136 Grain
Casing Nickel-Plated Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 3000 fps
Muzzle Energy 2718 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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