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For shooters seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution to extend their training sessions, the Independence 45 ACP FMJ training ammunition is an ideal choice. Manufactured with precision in the USA, this bulk pack provides 500 rounds of high-quality, full metal jacket bullets designed for consistent accuracy and performance. The 230 grain bullets are perfectly suited for a wide range of training applications, offering shooters an excellent balance between recoil and target impact feedback. Each round is encased in a reloadable brass casing, ensuring that shooters can maximize their investment by reloading the casings for future use. The ammunition is boxer-primed, further emphasizing its quality and reliability for repeated firing sessions.

  • Independence Ammo 45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ 500 Round Bulk
  • 500 Rounds Per Box
  • Newly-made, Reloadable Brass Casings
  • Made in the USA

This bulk pack of Independence 45 ACP FMJ training ammo is not only an economical choice for high-volume shooters but also a testament to American manufacturing excellence. The reloadable brass casings and boxer priming are indicative of the ammo's high-quality components, making it a preferred option for those who demand reliability and consistency from their training rounds. Whether you are a competitive shooter honing your skills or a firearms enthusiast practicing at the range, this 500-round pack offers an affordable way to ensure you have the ammunition you need to focus on your shooting precision and technique without compromise. Order your new bulk pack of 45 ACP FMJ ammo online today!

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Independence Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU 5260BK500
UPC 50004544647559
Condition New
Caliber 45 ACP
Projectile FMJ
Grain 230 Grain
Casing Brass
Rounds Per Box 500
Suggested Use Practice

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