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Hevi-Shot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey 12 Gauge ammunition redefines the limits of turkey hunting, offering unmatched performance that significantly extends the effective range of your shots. Designed with the serious turkey hunter in mind, this cutting-edge ammunition utilizes high-density 18 g/cc Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) pellets combined with a revolutionary friction-reducing spherical buffer. This innovative composition not only increases the pellet's downrange lethality but also ensures denser patterns and higher pellet counts compared to traditional lead shots. With a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second and a hefty shot charge of 2 1/4 ounces, these rounds deliver devastating energy and impact, even at extended distances. The Hevi-Shot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey allows hunters to confidently engage gobblers at ranges previously thought unattainable, transforming every turkey hunting expedition into a potential success story.

  • Hevi-Shot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey 12 Gauge 3.5" 2-1/4 oz 7 Shot
  • 5 Rounds Per Box
  • 50 Rounds Per Case
  • 3.5" Shell Length (Make Sure Your Shotgun is Chambered for 3.5" Shells)

Crafted for the hunter who refuses to compromise on performance, the Hevi-Shot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey 12 Gauge ammunition boasts features that elevate it above the competition. Its Tungsten Super Shot pellets possess a density of 18 g/cc, offering a substantial advantage in pellet count, pattern density, and downrange energy over standard 11 g/cc lead shots. This not only increases the likelihood of a successful hunt but also allows hunters to use smaller shot sizes without sacrificing lethality. Furthermore, the inclusion of a crimp-seal resin ensures that each shell is resistant to damage and maintains the integrity of the spherical buffer within. Available in a package quantity of five shells, each 3-1/2 inch shotshell is meticulously designed for the ultimate turkey hunting experience, making the Hevi-Shot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey the go-to choice for hunters aiming to achieve unparalleled downrange performance and effectiveness. Order your new 12 gauge ammo online today!

Caution : Make Sure Your Shotgun is Chambered for 3.5" Shells Before Use

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer HEVI-Shot
Manufacturer SKU HS4507
UPC 816383002049
Condition New
Caliber 12 Gauge
Projectile 7 Shot
Ounces 2-1/2 oz
Shot 7 Shot
Casing Brass/Plastic
Muzzle Velocity 1250 fps

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