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The Federal Gold Medal Match 308 Winchester pack is an exemplary choice for discerning shooters who demand precision and performance in their ammunition. This premium set includes 4 boxes, totaling 80 rounds of 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing Boat-Tail Hollow Point (SMK BTHP) cartridges, renowned for their exceptional accuracy and ballistic performance. These rounds are favored by world-class centerfire shooters, as well as military and law enforcement professionals, underscoring their reliability and precision in critical situations. The legendary status of Gold Medal centerfire rifle cartridges in the competitive shooting world speaks volumes about their quality and the confidence they inspire in users.

  • Federal Gold Medal Match 308 Winchester 175 Grain SMK Battle Pack (Up To 75 Years Shelf Life!)
  • 80 Rounds Included
  • Waterproof, Sealed

This pack features a sealed Mil-spec 16 mil PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sleeve with a clear front, which is waterproof and has up to a 75-year shelf life. This ensures reliable long-term storage of your ammo as well as the visibility to ensure you're choosing the right ammunition for the right time. The meticulously designed Sierra MatchKing bullet is at the heart of this ammunition's unparalleled performance. Its aerodynamic profile and boat-tail design minimize wind resistance, enabling a flatter trajectory and more consistent accuracy over long distances, while also ensuring higher retained energy upon impact. This makes the Federal Gold Medal Match 308 Winchester pack an ideal choice for competition shooters and law enforcement sharpshooters who require the utmost in accuracy and reliability from their ammunition. Whether preparing for a competition or ensuring readiness for duty, this ammunition pack offers superior performance that professionals can depend on. Order your new ammo online today!

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Federal
Manufacturer SKU GM308M2
Condition New
Caliber 308/7.62
Projectile BTHP
Grain 175 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 2600 fps
Muzzle Energy 2627 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 80
Suggested Use Competition / Sport

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