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The 6mm ARC from Hornady redefines the capabilities of the AR-15 platform, blending the best attributes of larger and smaller cartridges. Utilizing high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets, this innovative cartridge from Hornady delivers outstanding performance for hunting, match shooting, and personal protection.

  • Hornady Precision Hunter 6mm ARC 103 Gr ELD-X
  • 20 Rounds Per Box
  • 200 Rounds Per Case
  • Newly-made, Reloadable Brass Casings

The 6mm ARC achieves an unprecedented balance of system weight, performance, and shootability, making it an ideal fit for both AR-15 platforms and short or micro action bolt guns. Whether for personal defense, competitive shooting, or professional use by military and law enforcement, this cartridge stands out for its versatility and reliability.

Hornady's Precision Hunter line, featuring the 6mm ARC, epitomizes the company's commitment to excellence. With a meticulous blend of cartridge, chamber, and propellant design, this ammunition ensures optimal all-range performance and extended barrel life. The 6mm ARC’s exceptional terminal performance and high-performance bullet selection make it a top choice for shooters seeking superior results in a variety of scenarios. Order your new ammo online today!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Hornady
Manufacturer SKU 81602
UPC 090255816020
Condition New
Brand Precision Hunter
Caliber 6mm ARC
Projectile Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding
Grain 103 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 2800 fps
Muzzle Energy 1793 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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