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With a much higher velocity than that of a 22 LR round, the 22 TCM cartridge is the perfect round for pest control, small game hunting, and a variety of other uses. The 22 TCM is a 22-caliber round designed to be fired out of a 9mm 1911-style platform while reaching muzzle velocities of up to 2,000 feet per second out of a 5-inch barrel. Combine that with a 40-grain jacketed hollow point and the end result is a cartridge perfect for taking out varmint with ease.

  • Armscor Precision 22 TCM 40 Grain JHP Value Pack
  • 100 Rounds Per Box
  • Newly-Made, Reloadable Nickel-Plated Brass

With its low recoil and very flat trajectory, the 22 TCM may not be the most popular cartridge but it is certainly one that's enjoyable as well as very effective. With 100 rounds coming with each Value Pack of Armscor Precision 22 TCM ammo, you can rest assured you won't be running out any time soon. Order your 22 TCM ammo online today!

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Armscor
Manufacturer SKU 50326
Condition New
Caliber 22 TCM
Projectile JHP
Grain 40 Grain
Casing Nickel Plated Brass
Muzzle Velocity 2000 fps
Rounds Per Box 100
Boxes Per Case 12
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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