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About Wiley X

Wiley X Eyewear is a prominent American manufacturer of protective eyewear, goggles, and sunglasses, renowned for its commitment to producing high-performance eyewear designed to meet the demands of various outdoor activities, sports, and occupational safety needs.

The history of Wiley X Eyewear dates back to the early 1980s when it was founded by Myles Freeman Sr., a military veteran and motorcycling enthusiast.

Recognizing the need for rugged and durable eyewear that could withstand the rigors of combat and extreme environments, Freeman set out to create eyewear that combined ballistic protection with stylish designs.

Wiley X glasses quickly gained recognition within the military and law enforcement communities due to its emphasis on safety, durability, and optical clarity.

Their eyewear met and often exceeded rigorous safety standards, making them suitable for use in challenging environments and combat situations.

In 1987, Wiley X achieved a significant milestone when it introduced the PT-1 model, the first commercially available interchangeable lens system for sunglasses.

This innovative design allowed users to adapt their eyewear to changing light conditions, a feature that remains popular in the eyewear industry today.

Over the years, Wiley X expanded its product line to include a wide range of eyewear solutions, including tactical goggles, protective sunglasses, and prescription eyewear.

Their offerings cater to a diverse customer base, including military personnel, law enforcement agencies, outdoor enthusiasts, and individuals seeking eye protection for occupational or recreational activities.

Wiley X glasses has received numerous awards and certifications for its commitment to quality and safety, including ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1 certification for high-velocity and high-mass impact protection.

In addition to its focus on safety and performance, Wiley X has maintained a reputation for stylish and fashionable eyewear designs that appeal to a broad audience.

Many of their sunglasses and goggles seamlessly blend form and function, making them suitable for both protective and everyday wear.

Today, Wiley X Eyewear continues to be a leading manufacturer of protective eyewear, and its products are trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

The company's dedication to innovation, safety, and high-quality materials ensures that its eyewear remains at the forefront of protective eyewear technology.

Wiley X Features

Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovation in the field of protective eyewear, Wiley X eyewear incorporates a range of advanced features and materials to provide superior protection, clarity, and comfort for military and law enforcement wears to outdoor sports and everyday use.

Here are some of the key technologies used in Wiley X glasses:

Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses
Wiley X lenses are made from Selenite™ polycarbonate, a high-impact and shatterproof material that exceeds ANSI Z87.1 high-velocity and high-mass impact standards.

This technology ensures that the lenses can withstand impact and protect the eyes from projectiles, debris, and other hazards.

T-Shell Lens Coating
Wiley X applies a T-Shell™ coating to the lenses, which enhances resistance to scratches and damage. This coating helps maintain optical clarity, even in challenging environments.

Polarized Lenses
Many Wiley X sunglasses feature polarized lenses that reduce glare from surfaces like water, roads, and snow. Polarization enhances visual comfort and sharpens contrast, making these glasses ideal for outdoor activities.

Foam Facial Cavity Seal
In some models, Wiley X incorporates a foam facial cavity seal around the lenses. This seal not only enhances comfort but also provides protection from wind, dust, and debris, making these glasses suitable for motorcycle riding and other high-speed activities.

Interchangeable Lens System
Several Wiley X models come with interchangeable lenses, allowing users to adapt to varying light conditions. This feature provides versatility, as users can switch between clear, tinted, or polarized lenses to suit different environments.

ANSI Z87.1 Certification
Many Wiley X glasses are certified to meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. This certification ensures that the eyewear provides reliable protection against high-velocity impacts and meets rigorous safety criteria.

PivotLock Design
Wiley X's PivotLock™ design allows for easy and secure lens swapping, ensuring that users can quickly adapt their eyewear to changing light conditions or activities.

Wraparound Frames
Wiley X glasses often feature wraparound frames that provide excellent peripheral protection. This design minimizes exposure to wind, dust, and debris from the sides, offering additional safety and comfort.

Prescription Lens Compatibility
Many Wiley X models are compatible with prescription lenses, allowing users with vision correction needs to benefit from the brand's protective and performance features.

Climate Control Technology
Some Wiley X sunglasses incorporate Climate Control technology, which includes a removable foam gasket that helps manage moisture and reduce fogging, maintaining clear vision in changing conditions.

Lens Color Options
Wiley X offers a range of lens colors optimized for specific activities and lighting conditions, such as amber, smoke, and clear lenses, each tailored to enhance visual performance.

Popular Wiley X Products

Wiley X WX Valor
A versatile and stylish pair of sunglasses suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday wear, known for its durability and impact resistance.

Wiley X WX Saint
These sunglasses are designed with a modern wraparound frame and shatterproof lenses, providing excellent eye protection for various sports and outdoor adventures.

Wiley X WX Boss
The WX Boss is a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering excellent wind and debris protection while maintaining a sleek and comfortable design.

Wiley X Saber Advanced
A ballistic eyewear system designed for military and law enforcement use, known for its interchangeable lenses, rugged durability, and superior eye protection.

Wiley X WX Rogue
A versatile pair of sunglasses with a lightweight and comfortable frame, ideal for activities such as shooting, cycling, and hiking.

Wiley X Omega
These goggles are highly regarded for their ballistic protection, foam facial seal for added comfort, and compatibility with night vision devices.

Wiley X WX Gravity
These sunglasses combine a classic aviator style with Wiley X's protective technology, offering both fashion and function.

Wiley X WX Echo
Known for its interchangeable lens system and ANSI Z87.1 safety certification, making it suitable for various shooting and tactical applications.

Wiley X WX Valor Advanced
An updated version of the popular Valor model, offering enhanced protection and comfort, especially in high-impact situations.

Wiley X WX Moxy
Stylish and protective, these sunglasses are designed for women and feature a fashionable frame while maintaining the brand's commitment to safety.

Wiley X WX Detection
These tactical goggles provide full eye protection, including from dust and debris, making them suitable for a range of combat and outdoor activities.

Wiley X WX Tide
Designed with water sports enthusiasts in mind, the Tide sunglasses offer excellent polarized lenses for glare reduction and eye comfort.

Wiley X Collaborations

Since their inception, Wiley X has collaborated with many notable firearm brands and organizations to produce specialized eyewear for specific purposes or to create co-branded eyewear collections. Here are some of the most popular Wiley X collaborations:

Wiley X partnered with Remington, a well-known firearms and ammunition manufacturer, to create a line of shooting glasses and safety eyewear designed for sports shooting and hunting activities.

Realtree, a renowned camouflage and hunting gear brand, collaborated with Wiley X to produce a range of camo-patterned sunglasses and safety glasses, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and wildlife professionals.

Wiley X partnered with Kryptek, a company specializing in tactical hunting camouflage patterns, to create eyewear featuring Kryptek's distinctive designs. These glasses are tailored for tactical and outdoor use.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Community
Wiley X has collaborated with the U.S. Special Operations Forces community to develop eyewear solutions that meet the unique needs of military personnel and law enforcement officers.

Blue Angels
Wiley X has been an authorized supplier of protective eyewear to the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron. These sunglasses are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed flight and aerobatics.