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About TruGlo

Founded in 1993, TruGlo is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and is known for its innovative sights and accessories for firearms and archery. They have made significant strides in the industry with their advanced sighting technology, which combines fiber optics and tritium to create high-visibility sights for low-light conditions.

TruGlo has a strong reputation in the firearms and hunting industry, providing products that are trusted by hunters, sport shooters, and law enforcement professionals. They are known for their TFO (Tritium Fiber Optic) technology, which combines the benefits of fiber optics and tritium for superior day and night visibility.

Over the years, TruGlo has continued to expand its product range, offering a variety of sights, scopes, and archery accessories that enhance accuracy and performance. Their dedication to innovation and quality has made them a preferred choice among outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

By focusing on quality and performance, TruGlo has established itself as a leader in the sighting solutions industry, ensuring that shooters and hunters have the right tools to improve their accuracy in any situation.

Top Selling TruGlo Optics

TruGlo Tru-Brite 30 Series 1-6x24mm
A versatile riflescope with a 30mm objective lens and adjustable magnification. Known for its dual-color illuminated reticle and precise adjustments, it's ideal for both hunting and tactical use.

TruGlo Tru-Tec Micro
A compact red-dot sight designed for handguns and rifles. It features a precise 3 MOA dot reticle, making it a popular choice for those looking for a lightweight and easy-to-mount optic.

TruGlo Red-Dot Sight 2x42mm
This red-dot sight features 2x magnification and a wide objective lens for a clear sight picture. With dual-color reticle options, it's great for rapid target acquisition in a variety of shooting scenarios.

TruGlo Ignite Mini Compact Red Dot
With a 3 MOA dot and multi-coated lens, this compact red-dot sight is perfect for handguns, shotguns, and AR-style rifles. It’s known for its motion-sensing on/off feature and long battery life.

TruGlo Eminus 3-9x42mm
A precision riflescope featuring an illuminated MOA reticle and side focus parallax adjustment. It's designed for accuracy in long-range shooting and hunting applications.

Top Selling TruGlo Sights

TruGlo TFX Pro
Combines fiber optics and tritium for enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions. Its front sight features a contrasting colored ring for faster target acquisition, making it popular among self-defense and competition shooters.

TruGlo TFO (Tritium Fiber Optic) Sights
Provides bright and clear sight pictures using a combination of fiber optic and tritium technology. Known for their durability and consistent performance, they are popular for both handguns and rifles.

TruGlo Tritium Pro Night Sights
Specifically designed for low-light conditions, these sights provide fast sight acquisition due to their highly visible tritium vials, with a focus on durability and reliability.

TruGlo Brite-Site TFX
An advanced sight combining tritium and fiber optics, the Brite-Site TFX is engineered for durability and visibility in all environments. It provides a clear sight picture day and night, with a longer lifespan due to its protective housing.

TruGlo Fiber-Optic Handgun Sights
Simple but effective, these sights use only fiber optics to provide bright aiming points in daylight conditions. They are popular for range use, competitive shooting, and daytime carry.

TruGlo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser Sight
A compact laser sight designed to fit most handguns and rifles, offering a bright aiming point for rapid target acquisition in tactical situations.

Top Selling TruGlo Range Accessories

TruGlo Arrow Rest
This arrow rest offers precise arrow positioning for optimal accuracy and consistency in archery. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance, making it a popular choice for hunters and target shooters.

TruGlo Carbon XS 5-Arrow Quiver
A lightweight and compact quiver designed to securely hold arrows in place. Its rubberized double grippers ensure silent arrow removal, making it a great choice for hunters.

TruGlo Tru-See Splatter Targets
These targets offer high visibility with a splatter effect, allowing for easy shot detection. They are perfect for target practice, providing immediate feedback on shot placement.

TruGlo AR-15 Armorer's Wrench
A must-have for gunsmiths and DIY enthusiasts, this tool makes customizing and repairing AR-15 platform rifles, carbines, and pistols quick and easy.

TruGlo Tac-Pod Bipod
A versatile bipod that attaches to a firearm’s Picatinny rail or swivel stud. It’s designed for stability and precision, making it useful for long-range shooting and hunting.