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About SightMark

Founded in 2007, Sightmark was established to address the evolving needs of the outdoor industry and its customers. Launched at the SHOT Show that year, Sightmark aimed to meet the growing popularity of modern shooting by providing state-of-the-art optics and accessories. The goal was to enhance the accuracy of modern sporting rifles, shotguns, and pistols, enabling hunters, competitive shooters, and those seeking home defense solutions to find high-quality gear.

In 2011, Sightmark expanded its operations with a new 33,000-square-foot headquarters in Mansfield, Texas. This facility brought together corporate offices and a large warehouse, allowing for more research, development, and production of their products, which are known for their precision and advanced technology.

Today, Sightmark's top-selling products include red dot sights, riflescopes, and chamber laser bore sights. The company has sold over one million bore sights since their introduction and has earned multiple patents and awards from industry associations and publications like Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, and Predator Xtreme. Their optics and accessories have been rigorously tested and approved by prominent outdoor organizations such as the North American Hunting Club and the National Tactical Officers Association. Sightmark remains dedicated to producing high-quality products that empower shooters to enhance their accuracy and overall shooting experience.

SightMark Optics Features

With dozens of red dot sights, riflescopes, binoculars, and chamber laser bore sight models to choose from, each product from the SightMark catalog is built to last. Top product features include:

Durable Construction
Built with high-quality materials to withstand rough environments and heavy recoil, ensuring longevity in both tactical and hunting scenarios.

Advanced Reticles
Features include illuminated, mil-dot, and BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticles designed for various shooting distances and enhanced accuracy.

Digital Night Vision Technology
Some models offer digital night vision capability, allowing for clear sighting in low-light or nighttime conditions, perfect for hunting and tactical use.

Waterproof and Fogproof
Optics are sealed and purged to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring clear vision in rain, fog, and varying temperatures.

Wide Range of Magnification
Offers a broad selection of magnification options, from 1x reflex sights for quick target acquisition to high-magnification riflescopes for long-range precision.

Long Battery Life
Efficient power usage in red dot sights and digital scopes provides extended operational hours, reducing the need for frequent battery changes.

Quick Detach Mounts
Some models feature quick-detach mounts for fast and easy removal or switching between optics, ideal for multi-use firearms.

Integrated Video Recording and Wi-Fi
Certain digital optics feature built-in video recording and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to capture their experiences and share them in real time.

Adjustable Brightness and Illumination
Most optics have multiple brightness levels to adapt to different lighting conditions, providing the right level of reticle illumination for any situation.

Precision Windage and Elevation Adjustments
Allows for fine-tuning to ensure accurate shooting, crucial for long-distance shooting and professional applications.

Top Selling SightMark Optics

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight
Known for its rugged construction and high-quality optics, this reflex sight is perfect for fast target acquisition and is ideal for tactical scenarios and competitive shooting.

Sightmark Citadel 1-6x24 CR1 Riflescope
This versatile scope features a compact design and an illuminated reticle, making it suitable for both close and mid-range shooting, whether for hunting or tactical use.

Sightmark Wolverine FSR Red Dot Sight
This durable red dot sight offers a long battery life and is designed to withstand heavy recoil, making it a popular choice for AR platforms and other tactical rifles.

Sightmark Core Shot A-Spec Reflex Sight
Featuring a compact design and high precision, this reflex sight is a favorite among shooters for its quick target acquisition and versatile mounting options.

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope
A digital riflescope offering both day and night vision modes, the Wraith HD is a game-changer for hunters looking for advanced technology to enhance their shooting accuracy.

Sightmark Pinnacle 5-30x50 TMD Riflescope
This scope provides high-quality glass and a tactical mil-dot reticle, making it ideal for long-range shooting, with features that benefit both hunters and precision shooters.

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight
A micro-sized reflex sight that packs a punch, it's popular among those looking for a lightweight but durable option for pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

Sightmark Photon RT Digital Night Vision Riflescope
Designed for night-time hunting and shooting, this riflescope features built-in video recording and Wi-Fi connectivity, offering advanced features for enthusiasts.

Sightmark LoPro Mini Combo Green Laser and Flashlight
An excellent accessory for enhancing nighttime accuracy, this combo features a powerful green laser and flashlight that easily mount to your rifle for tactical applications.

Sightmark XT-3 Magnifier
This magnifier provides 3x magnification for red dot sights, enhancing their accuracy at longer distances, and is known for its quick-detach mount for easy switching.