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About Rossi Firearms

Established in the heart of Brazil by Amadeo Rossi in 1889, Rossi Firearms is an esteemed manufacturer steeped in a tradition that's earned a reputation for durability and craftsmanship, fusing time-honored craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

In December 1997, BrazTech International L.C. was created as the exclusive importer of Rossi firearms in North America.

Previously, Rossi firearms were distributed by Interarms of Alexandria, Virginia. Rossi manufactures its classic rifles in a plant in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, and will continue operations there, selling many firearms outside the United States and North America.

Throughout its rich history, Rossi has become synonymous with quality among hunters, sportsmen, and firearm enthusiasts.

With a diverse portfolio of revolvers, rifles, and shotguns, each firearm crafted by Rossi stands as a symbol of dependability, excellence, and affordability.

More than just manufacturing firearms, Rossi captures the essence of the deep-rooted passion and pride intrinsic to firearm ownership.

Every firearm produced under the Rossi banner is perceived not merely as an instrument but as a steadfast companion in diverse life pursuits, whether sport, self-defense, or upholding traditions.

The same family still runs today's Rossi, putting the same dedication and innovation into every firearm. At Rossi, it is more than just building guns; it is a family's history and tradition.

Popular Rossi Firearm Models

Rossi Model 92
A lever-action rifle, often chambered in popular calibers like .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, it's known for its traditional design and reliable performance.

Rossi Circuit Judge
An innovative firearm that blends the characteristics of both a revolver and a carbine. It can chamber both .45 Colt cartridges and .410 bore shotgun shells.

Rossi R461 and R462
These are compact, 6-shot revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum. They're known for their affordability and durability, making them a popular choice for personal defense.

Rossi Single Shot Rifles
As the name suggests, these rifles are break-action single shots, available in various calibers and often favored for their simplicity and reliability.

Rossi Matched Pair
A unique combination firearm that comes with two barrels—one for .22 LR or .22 Magnum and another for a shotgun shell, typically .410 bore. This design allows the user to switch between rifle and shotgun configurations quickly.

Rossi RS22
A semi-automatic .22 LR rifle known for its affordability and accuracy. It's a favorite among plinkers and small game hunters.

Rossi Youth Model
Specifically designed for younger or smaller-framed shooters, these firearms typically come in .22 LR or .410 bore and have a shorter length of pull.

Rossi Ranch Hand
A lever-action "mare's leg" pistol, inspired by the original Winchester Model 1892 but in a much shorter configuration. It's available in calibers like .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .45 Colt.

Rossi RB22
A bolt-action rifle chambered in .22 LR, known for its accuracy and affordability, making it a popular choice for target shooting and small game hunting.

Rossi R972
A larger, 6-shot revolver chambered in .357 Magnum with a stainless steel finish and a longer barrel, making it suitable for both self-defense and hunting in certain situations.

Rossi USA Firearms FAQ

QUESTION: Where are Rossi Firearms manufactured?

ANSWER: Rossi Firearms are manufactured in Brazil, staying true to their roots and heritage.

QUESTION: What types of firearms does Rossi specialize in?

ANSWER: Rossi primarily specializes in producing revolvers, lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, and combination firearms.

QUESTION: Are Rossi Firearms covered by any warranty?

ANSWER: Yes, Rossi offers a limited warranty on their firearms, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Details and duration may vary, so it's best to refer to the product manual or official Rossi website for specifics.

QUESTION: How do I order replacement parts for my Rossi firearm?

ANSWER: Replacement parts can usually be ordered through authorized dealers or directly from Rossi. Always ensure that any repairs or modifications are done by qualified professionals to maintain safety and warranty validity.

QUESTION: Are Rossi firearms suitable for beginners?

ANSWER: Many Rossi firearms, especially their single-shot rifles and youth models, are designed with simplicity in mind, making them suitable for beginners.

QUESTION: Can I switch barrels on the Rossi Matched Pair?

ANSWER: Yes, the Rossi Matched Pair is designed to allow users to quickly switch between a rifle and a shotgun barrel.

QUESTION: How do I clean and maintain my Rossi firearm?

ANSWER: Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the longevity and safe operation of any firearm. Refer to your firearm's user manual for detailed instructions specific to your model.

QUESTION: What ammunition is recommended for Rossi firearms?

ANSWER: While most Rossi firearms are versatile in terms of ammunition compatibility, it's always best to refer to the firearm's manual or barrel markings for specific caliber and ammunition recommendations.

QUESTION: Does Rossi offer firearms for youth or smaller-framed shooters?

ANSWER: Yes, Rossi has a line of youth model firearms designed specifically for younger or smaller-framed individuals.

Additional Rossi Firearm Resources

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