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About Radians Safety

Radians was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. They are recognized as a leading manufacturer of hearing protection and safety products. With a focus on innovation, quality, and safety, they have earned a strong reputation in the firearms and hunting industry for providing reliable and effective hearing protection solutions.

The company offers a broad range of products that include electronic earmuffs, earplugs, and noise-canceling headphones, all designed to safeguard users' hearing in high-noise environments. Their commitment to excellence has led them to develop advanced technology that enhances comfort while delivering superior noise reduction.

Radians' hearing protection products are trusted by shooters, hunters, and industrial workers worldwide. Their products reflect a dedication to safety and comfort, ensuring that individuals can focus on their activities without compromising their hearing health. Whether on the range or in the field, Radians provides dependable hearing protection solutions to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Radians Safety Features

Impact Resistance
Radians' eye protection is designed to withstand high-velocity impacts, ensuring the eyes are safeguarded against flying debris and other hazards.

Noise Reduction
Their ear protection products provide high noise reduction ratings (NRR) to effectively protect hearing in loud environments, especially at shooting ranges and in industrial settings.

UV Protection
Their eyewear offers 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays, making them suitable for outdoor activities like hunting, shooting, and construction work.

Anti-Fog Coating
Many of their safety glasses feature anti-fog coatings that ensure clear vision in hot or humid conditions, preventing lens fogging that can obscure vision.

Custom Fit
With adjustable temples, nose pieces, and other customizable features, Radians eyewear and earmuffs provide a comfortable fit for prolonged use.

Durable Construction
Their products are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in challenging environments.

Sound Amplification
Some Radians earmuffs feature sound amplification technology that allows the wearer to hear ambient sounds while still protecting against sudden loud noises.

Scratch Resistance
Their safety glasses often include scratch-resistant coatings to maintain clarity and extend the life of the lenses, even with frequent use.

Interchangeable Lenses
Some eyewear models offer interchangeable lenses, allowing users to adapt to varying light conditions and environments.

Portable Design
Many of their hearing protection products are designed for portability, including foldable earmuffs and compact earplugs for easy transport and storage.


Top Selling Radian Ear Protection

Radians Terminator Folding Earmuffs
These folding earmuffs provide a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29dB, offering substantial protection from loud noises. They are lightweight, comfortable, and foldable, making them convenient for transport and storage.

Radians ProAmp Electronic Earmuff
Offers active sound control with noise amplification and compression, providing enhanced hearing protection. It is suitable for tactical training and competitive shooting, providing a 23dB NRR.

Radians CSE10BX Tactical Electronic Earmuff
These earmuffs feature advanced sound amplification and compression technology, allowing users to hear ambient sounds while protecting against sudden loud noises. They provide a 23dB NRR and have adjustable headbands for a secure fit.

Radians Lowset 21 Earmuff
Lightweight and low-profile earmuffs providing an NRR of 21dB. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges or other environments with moderate noise levels.

Radians Hunter Muff
Designed specifically for hunters, these earmuffs provide a high NRR and amplify ambient sounds, allowing hunters to hear wildlife while still protecting their hearing from loud gunshots.

Radians Resistor 32 Disposable Foam Earplugs
These disposable foam earplugs offer a high NRR of 32dB. They are soft, comfortable, and designed to fit most ear sizes, providing a cost-effective option for hearing protection.

Radians Cease Fire Earplugs
Featuring a soft, comfortable fit and high noise reduction, these earplugs are designed for those seeking a simple and effective solution for shooting range protection.


Top Selling Radian Eye Protection

Radians Revelation Safety Glasses
Known for their adjustable features, including temples and lens angle, these glasses offer a customizable fit while providing impact resistance and UV protection.

Radians Eclipse Safety Glasses
With a lightweight and stylish design, these glasses offer wraparound protection, anti-fog lenses, and adjustable temples, making them ideal for shooting sports and outdoor activities.

Radians Outback Safety Glasses
A versatile option featuring wraparound lenses for complete eye protection. They are known for their lightweight design, comfortable fit, and UV protection, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses
Specifically designed for shooting, these glasses feature interchangeable lenses to adapt to different lighting conditions and offer protection from dust and debris.

Radians T-85 Safety Glasses
With a modern design, these glasses feature anti-fog lenses and an adjustable nosepiece for comfort. Their wraparound design ensures maximum protection during shooting activities.

Radians Full Pro Safety Glasses
These glasses have a frameless design for maximum visibility and lightweight comfort. They offer anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses for optimal performance.

Radians XTREME Safety Glasses
Built for versatility, these glasses offer a combination of style, protection, and comfort, featuring anti-fog lenses and adjustable temple lengths.