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About Nightstick Flashlights

Established with a deep respect for gunsmithing, Nightstick is a renowned name in the world of firearms, revered for its commitment to quality lighting products, including flashlights, headlamps, and lighting solutions.

Since 1984, all Nightstick products have been designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc. (BPI) and are the preferred choice of professionals worldwide.

Headquartered in North Texas, their 110,000-square-foot facility is home to R&D, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Distribution.

Within the realm of firearms, the expertise at Nightlight is highly diverse, with a team that includes experienced sharpshooters, skilled gunsmiths, and passionate enthusiasts.

Nightlight's product range is carefully curated to include the latest firearms and timeless classics, all meeting the highest performance and reliability standards.

Commitment to Quality
All products produced in Bayco Products' dedicated ISO 9001 Certified Factories undergo rigorous quality control inspections conducted by independent 3rd party inspectors at multiple points during the manufacturing process.

Additional quality control inspections occur as products arrive and leave Bayco Products' distribution facility. Quality is also demonstrated in the customer service experience…with a target of nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Value
The Nightstick product line is designed and manufactured to outperform and be of a higher quality standard than any other product in its class.

Even with the highest quality standards, Nightstick products cost less than competitor offerings. 

Popular Nightstick Products

Weapon Lights
Although Nightstick is not primarily a firearms brand, they do offer weapon-mounted lights for handguns and rifles, catering to law enforcement and home defense needs.

Tactical Flashlights
Designed for law enforcement and security professionals, these flashlights are durable, powerful, and feature advanced lighting technology.

Intrinsically Safe Lights
Ideal for hazardous environments, these lights are engineered to be safe in potentially explosive atmospheres, commonly used in industries like oil and gas, mining, and firefighting.

Popular among outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who need hands-free lighting, NIGHTSTICK headlamps are known for their comfort, durability, and bright illumination.

Safety Lights
These are designed for personal visibility in low-light conditions, widely used by cyclists, joggers, and workers in dimly lit or hazardous areas.

Underhood Lights
These are specialized lights for automotive work, providing bright and adjustable illumination for mechanics and technicians working under vehicle hoods.

Scene Lights
Used in emergency response and industrial settings, these lights provide broad, high-intensity illumination for large areas.

Penlights and Inspection Lights
Compact and easy to carry, these lights are favored by technicians, medical professionals, and anyone needing a small, bright light for detailed inspection work.