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About Kahr Arms

Established in 1995 by Justin Moon and operating from its base in Greeley, Pennsylvania, Kahr Arms has carved out a niche in the firearms industry with its innovative approach to designing compact pistols.

Renowned for introducing groundbreaking designs in compact and subcompact semi-automatic pistols, Kahr's mission since its inception has been to provide versatile and practical handguns suitable for concealed carry, law enforcement, personal defense, and recreational use.

Specializing in compact handguns, Kahr Arms' use of advanced materials like polymer and stainless steel in construction sets Kahr's firearms apart, offering durability and a contemporary feel.

A hallmark of Kahr firearms is their smooth double-action trigger mechanism, which ensures a consistent and crisp trigger pull, enhancing the safety and accuracy of these firearms.

Today, Kahr Firearms continues striving for improvement and prioritizes customer satisfaction, upholding its foundational principles of technical prowess and practical design.

Popular Kahr Arms Models

Kahr PM9
A very compact 9mm pistol known for its slim profile and light weight, making it a favorite for concealed carry.

Kahr CW9
Similar to the PM9 but more budget-friendly, the CW9 is a striker-fired 9mm pistol that offers simplicity and reliability.

Kahr P380
A highly compact .380 ACP pistol, known for its small size and ease of carry, ideal for pocket carry or as a backup weapon.

Kahr CM9
A more affordable version of the PM9, with a few less expensive features but retaining the core functionality and reliability.

Kahr CW380
A compact and lightweight .380 ACP pistol that offers an excellent balance of size, reliability, and affordability.

Kahr CT9
A larger 9mm option with a longer barrel and grip than the PM9 or CM9, providing a higher capacity and better shootability while still being relatively compact.

Kahr CW45
A compact .45 ACP pistol that brings Kahr’s renowned ergonomics and reliability to a larger caliber.

Kahr K9
An all-steel 9mm pistol that offers a bit more weight for reduced recoil, maintaining Kahr’s standards of reliability and precision.

Kahr TP9
Part of the premium series, the TP9 offers enhanced features over the standard models, including a polygonal rifled match-grade barrel and a loaded chamber indicator.

Kahr PM45
A subcompact .45 ACP pistol that offers the power of a larger caliber in a size that is still easy to conceal.

Additional Kahr Arms Resources

Find, view, and download your favorite Kahr firearm resources, including owner's manuals, pistol magazines, and spec sheets for the Kahr CW9, Kahr CMP, K9, and many more!

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