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About German Sport Guns

Founded in the early 21st century, German Sport Guns (GSG) has quickly established itself as a noteworthy name in the firearms industry.

Operating from its base in Ense-Höingen, Germany, GSG is renowned for its commitment to blending traditional firearm designs with modern manufacturing techniques.

German Sport Guns gained popularity primarily for its high-quality replicas of classic firearms. Their product range notably includes .22 LR versions of historically significant firearms, offering enthusiasts a taste of history with the reliability and safety of contemporary manufacturing.

Among their most popular products are the GSG-5, a replica of the MP5 submachine gun, and the GSG-1911, a .22 caliber version of the classic 1911 pistol.

These models have garnered attention from collectors, historical firearm enthusiasts, and those new to shooting sports who seek an accessible entry point into the world of firearms.

A significant aspect of German Sport Guns's business model is its collaboration with other prominent firearm manufacturers and distributors. They work closely with these partners to expand their reach and to bring their unique blend of historical replicas and modern firearms to a broader audience.

This collaboration extends to various countries, making GSG a recognized name in the global firearms community.

GSG's dedication to quality and approach to honoring the past while embracing the future makes it a unique and respected firearm brand by enthusiasts worldwide.

Popular GSG Firearms

A .22 LR replica of the iconic MP5 submachine gun, known for its distinctive design and appeal to enthusiasts of historical and tactical firearms.

This is a .22 caliber version of the classic 1911 pistol, offering the familiar feel and operation of the original 1911 but in a more affordable and less recoil-intensive caliber.

A faithful replica of the Sturmgewehr 44 (STG 44), the first modern assault rifle. It is chambered in .22 LR, providing an authentic historical experience for collectors and history buffs.

GSG FireFly
Formerly known as the SIG Sauer Mosquito, the FireFly is a .22 LR caliber pistol known for its compact design and suitability for training and recreational shooting.

A .22 LR caliber replica of the legendary AK-47 rifle, combining the classic design of the AK-47 with the affordability and ease of shooting of the .22 LR round.

Replicating the famous WWII-era German MP-40, this model is chambered in .22 LR, making it an attractive piece for historical re-enactors and collectors.

An updated version of the GSG-5, the GSG-522 features some design modifications and improvements while retaining the core aspects of the original GSG-5 design.

A more modern and tactical-looking .22 LR rifle that retains the features and functionalities of the earlier GSG-5 model, with enhancements like a collapsible stock and larger magazine capacity.

Additional GSG Firearm Resources

Find, view, and download your favorite German Sport Guns firearm resources including owner's manuals, gun schematics, and spec sheets for popular models including the GSG 1911, GSG Firefly, and more!

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