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The Aguila Super Colibri 22 LR 20 Grain Subsonic Lead bullets are the epitome of stealth and precision in small caliber ammunition. Known as the "strong silent type," these rounds are specifically crafted for both hunting and target shooting. The Super Colibrí outperforms the standard Colibrí by delivering higher velocity and energy, providing that extra level of impact needed for small game or more challenging targets. It’s optimized for use in bolt-action rifles and revolvers.

  • Aguila Super Colibri 22 LR 20 Grain Subsonic Lead
  • High velocity, low noise, 50 rounds per box
  • Packaged 1000 rounds per case, suited for target/range and small game

The ultra-quiet nature of these subsonic rounds makes them an excellent choice for shooters who prefer discretion and minimal disturbance. With 50 rounds per box and a bulk case of 1000 rounds, enthusiasts can enjoy extended sessions at the range or in the field without frequent resupplies. Whether honing your shooting skills or quietly tracking small game, Aguila Super Colibri 22 LR rounds provide reliable performance where silence and precision are paramount. Order yours online today!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer Aguila
Manufacturer SKU 1B220339
UPC 640420012872
Condition New
Caliber 22 LR
Projectile Lead
Grain 20 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 590 fps
Rounds Per Box 50
Boxes Per Case 20
Suggested Use Practice, Competition / Sport

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